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    Technologies for you

    WI-FI / 3G connection

    Allows you to watch from your smartphone, PC camera in real time or record.

    Motion sensor

    The motion sensor will notify the phone and show the active camera.

    360 view

    Seamless view from several cameras on one screen - fisheye.

    t °C

    I will show the temperature of people, make sure to see it at night or in the fog.

    Zoom x30

    Modern technologies allow you to make a picture up to x30, without losing quality.

    Operation at -50 ° C

    Work in the cold to -50 degrees Celsius. Guarantees Swiss quality.

    Face recognition

    Technologies for recognizing a person's face as an analogue at airports.

    Recognition № machines

    The camera is equipped with software to determine the number of cars and auto add numbers to the database.


    Clean picture in any weather - shakes the rain, sticky snow, ice (heating).


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      Our objects

      • All
      • Office
      • House
      • Store
      • Outdoors

      Office buildings

      Installation of a video surveillance system in an office building for the company.

      Office entrance

      Installation of the camera, the video recorder, connection to the security panel.


      Installation of CCTV cameras in an office building, street.

      Ukrainian house

      Private house. Installation of video surveillance cameras.


      Installation of video surveillance in the entrance of a residential building.

      White town

      Private house in Belogorodka.


      Video surveillance on the perimeter, recording, anti-jammer system.

      Private house

      Installing cameras in a private home.

      Fast food

      Design, removal of tasks. Video surveillance, recording, remote control.

      Fasteners Store

      Installation of dome cameras and PTZ.

      Kyiv restaurant

      Installation of video surveillance: cameras + recorders.


      Warehouse. Observation of weaknesses, an example - a roof.

      Street poles

      Installation of cameras on street poles.


      Installation of video surveillance on the street.

      Private sector

      Installing a camera on the street (private sector).

      Kiev region

      Installation of video surveillance cameras, recorder and uninterruptible power supply.

      How it works

      Fisheye technology.

      360 degree view. Video

      High quality.

      Cameras with zoom up to x30. One image

      Cameras with thermal imager.

      Temperature control, sees heat spots in the dark. Gallery.

      High-speed cameras

      Compact high-speed dome cameras for operation in conditions of high requirements for video surveillance.


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